Cason Family Park

The Morris Schoolhouse has a rich history as one of over 100 schoolhouses that once existed in the region. This modest schoolhouse was constructed in 1879 near the intersection of what we know today as Cumberland Avenue and US-231, and operated for nearly 40 years. In 1916, schools were consolidated, which left the Morris Schoolhouse without a purposed. Over time, the quaint building stood vacant, with exception of occasional storage of grain and lumber by neighboring farmers.

As time went on, the Morris Schoolhouse was lucky enough to have Lynn Cason become its caretaker from 1964 on, preventing further decay and damage. When Cason made the decision to sell the land that the building sat on, he was determined not to leave the building behind. This is when the parcel of land to the east of the original location was donated to the City of West Lafayette, to become a park celebrating the area’s history. The City and the community came together to raise funds to transport to the parcel of land and renovate the school. Today, Morris Schoolhouse stands proud of the rural landscape its situated on, ready to be nestled in a community park setting.

Join us in support of this project by contributing towards programing of this future community amenity!

The Vision – Cason Family Park – MKSK Studios